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The Golden Book 

This page is dedicated to our guests who participated at our events Night of the Queens and where they will express their feeling about our work!
adding your comment will greatly help us to keep our future events on!
just send us an email at and we will add it here... thousand thanks!!!! 

Greetings! You are remarkable! We are impressed by your answers. You have surpassed our expectations of any organizer in any such events and provided a comprehensive information to all the queries . You have demonstrated your commitment and excellence in your work. You have not only answered our questions, but also provided us with all the relevant details we required. You have gone the extra mile to satisfy our needs, and we appreciate your effort. Whatever the result of the event is, you have already secured our respect and confidence. You have gained our lasting trust and admiration. You are a leader and we are honored to have the privilege of attending your event. We wish you all the best and hope you accomplish all your goals of this event and more. With much gratitude and warm regards from."

Mistress Salem/The Gimp Pattaya Thailand 

Mistress Jane - Manila - Philippines

Attending the Bangkok event scene for the first time was truly unforgettable, and it's all thanks to you, the most welcoming and inclusive host I've ever encountered. Your genuine warmth made everyone feel like family from the moment we arrived. Your laid-back approach to the event created the perfect atmosphere for me to be myself without any pressure to perform. Your understanding of my unique domming style and respect for my space meant the world to me. I can't wait for your next event in Bangkok; it's sure to be another incredible experience! Despite language differences, you managed to unite us all with your infectious joy, laughter, and undeniable charm. Thank you for making the night unforgettable!

Queen Kali Rain - Dubai
Princess Seva.jpg

It was my first time to attend the Night of the Queens event that was organised by Laurent Lebeau. I was excited and looking forward to it as I had the feeling that it will be great fun so I  took the trip from Dubai to Bangkok with my collared submissive to attend the party. Once we arrived in Bangkok my excitement grew especially after the initial meeting that we had at a fetish themed cafe. The following evening we went out for dinner and walked to Demonia Fetish Club which I have visited many times before and once we prepared and the party started, my prophecy was right. It was fantastic and I was pleased that the submissives attending were respectful, well behaved and perfectly chosen by the organiser so well done Laurent for that. All the Mistresses were radiant and scintillating and I had a brilliant time chatting with them and watching them play with their subs.  Everyone who attended was in harmony with the surroundings and they theme of the night and everyone participated. It was great fun too see newbies serving experienced Mistresses in many ways. The party went on very late but I didn't even notice the time since I was enjoying it so much.  I am looking forward for the next Night of the Queens party wherever and whenever it will be.    

Queen Kali Rain

Princess Seva-Femocracy Global

There were no world to say, to express how beautiful and lovely everything was last night! The decorations, the food, the banners, everything was gorgeous and espacially the company. Meeting you was very special to me. An extraordinary event in my life, that I will remember forever. Thank you for everything!  

Miss Claudia Varrin 

Thank you so very much for the most wonderful evening on Saturday. It was a great pleasure to see you again and it was wonderful to be around sophisticated people from different parts of the world. The decorations were exquisite in a way that only a European could do. It was a wonderful event and I can't thank you and Milan enough and dear sweet Monique for gifting me such a delightful evening. I hope to see you again soon someday. And in the meantime, I wish you the best of everything and send you my love.

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