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            Saturday June 8th 2024

As you should know, we give great importance to our sponsors who have the merit of helping us with all our  Night of the Queens events, no matter where they are organized. They allow us to finance these events because it remains very expensive for us, the organizers. On the occasion of our big party Fort Lauderdale on Saturday April 27th, 2024, we are giving our participants the chance to win very interesting prizes and this time we are featuring our great sponsors The Raffle withdrawal will be done during this event in Fort Lauderdale! 


The PRICES to win
LES PRIX à gagner 


    1 year membership to the Fetish BDSM Magazine
         1 Voucher 50% OFF on any item
6 Months advertizing on magazine (No male slave)

 Boutique fétichiste BDSM - PARIS

  2 hours rental of the Kingdom/Dungeon Barcelona Spain
WhatsApp Image 2023-01-13 at 17.02.45.jpeg
6 months of advertizing in the social BDSM network (Only Mistress)
Botan Logo red.png
1 framed copy A4 of Botan Utajima Botan Photo art valued 100€  

banner BTU new Logo.jpg
 5 PDF E-books/ Femdom Full illustrated stories-Comics valued 100€ 

 100% voucher: valued 500€: Session  in Dubai & World
                    50% voucher:  Session In Dubai & World

          50% off on large ORIGINAL decorative MISTRESS portraiture
Mistress Portraiture A4 Size original + Photoshop copie valued 150€ 
                  1 Handmade leather Whip
Participation 2 people Night of the Queens valid 1 year Valued  160€ 

   Purchase your ticket(s) - Commandez votre ticket(s)  
                                        1 ticket- 5€
                                      5 tickets - 20€ 
                                     10 tickets - 40€ 

     Withdrawal - Saturday June 8th 2024 

                      Nota Bene

Each ticket online is nominative! It will be established under your name. When you register, please tell us your name, your country and an email address where we can contact you in case you win one of these prizes. Likewise, it is not exchangeable. Please note, shipping costs are not included as well as possible customs fees (outside the European community) for sending your prize.


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